Orientation Notes

If you were unable to attend our Summer Orientation the following should provide the information you need to know before your Session(s).

We play to learn.  All summer long.

The Summer Program at the Woodland Park Cooperative School is a play-based program taught by Teacher Tom, Teacher Rachel and Teacher Kristin. Class time is spent entirely outdoors in our magical play space, with inspired art and building projects, gardening, and group activities. 

❏     Expect your children to get dirty/wet.

❏     Dress them appropriately for the weather (remember that the outdoor classroom can be chilly in the mornings even on a warm summer day).

❏     Don’t forget sunscreen!

 Cooperative Model

As a cooperative school, parents participate by working and playing alongside the children and teachers.  Parent support is essential to the program’s success. We ask that you be observant and promote safety while at the same time supporting children in exploring their learning interests. If you have questions about your role as a working parent/caregiver, please take a moment to read more about it at http://www.woodlandparksummer.org/working-parentcaregiver-role/ .

Some basics:

❏      Don’t come if you are sick.

❏     Keep the gate closed at all times.

❏     Keep conversations with other adults to a minimum and side by side so that eyes are on kids at all times.

❏     Support and supervise children without doing things for them by saying things like “I won’t help you, but I won’t let you get hurt” if a child is trying something new or “I can’t let you do that” if the child is involved in a risky behavior that you need to stop.

 Parent Work Day

On your work day, please arrive on time. Everyone will be depending on you to be there when school starts for the day. When you arrive you will get a lanyard with your job description on it.  The only pre-assigned jobs are Cruise Director and Cleaning Lead.  Those jobs are assigned to alumni of the program.  Otherwise, you’ll be assigned a job for the day upon arrival by the teacher. Please remember to stick to your station even if there aren’t any children there.  The children move around quite a bit. If you leave your station, they won’t know it is open and available.

We will email out the work schedule a minimum of two weeks before your session. If you need to switch your workday, please reply all to the email list and ask for someone to switch with you.

Cruise Director

The Cruise Director will help sign you and your child in and out each day.  Be sure to check in with the Cruise Director at the table by the gate as soon as you arrive.  This is your go to person for any questions/issues.


Snack will be whatever comes out of the garden that day.  Children are free to graze as they wish.  Water will be available for the length of the session. Please do not bring snacks from home for your child.

Daily Schedule

Activity Stations

Circle Time (with songs and movement)

Enhanced Activity Stations (3 stations added)

Final Circle Time (with story)

**Please be on time to pick up your child.  The younger children in particular are really counting on you to be there by the end of the final circle.  Children who are experiencing separation anxiety will be reassured by the teacher and other adults that their parent will be there at the end.

Summer Ambassadors

If you have a child older than 6, they may attend with you on your workday only for a $10 fee. This child does not need to be an Woodland Park alumni but they do need to be able to be independent of you as your attention needs to be focused on your job.  Please be prepared to pay cash or check to the Cruise Director upon arrival and sign them in. You are responsible for their supervision.  They may play or they may ask for a job assignment from the teacher.


Should there be an unforeseen emergency event, we stay on the playground unless it becomes unsafe for some reason. If we had to leave the playground in the event of an emergency, Fire Station #9 will be our meeting place.

Other Nuts & Bolts

Please sign your child in and out each day.

Be sure there are always two adults present with a child (especially for diaper changing/bathroom help).

Our school is nut free!

Questions? woodlandparksummer@gmail.com

See you this summer!

The Woodland Park Summer Coop